Personal Conduct


All persons on the Club’s property will be required to conduct themselves in an orderly manner so as not to cause nuisance or offence to other persons. Members will be responsible at all times for the conduct of their guests, on the Course, in the Clubhouse and elsewhere on the Club’s property.

Bad Language

No person shall use inappropriate language whilst on the Club’s property.


No person shall smoke while in the Golf Shop or any portion of the Clubhouse other than the designated outdoor area.


No person shall reprimand an officer or employee of the Club. Any complaint regarding staff or the conduct of a member shall be lodged, in writing, with the Secretary of the Club.


No person shall enter the kitchen, the cool room or the area behind the Bar, unless authorised by the House Manager to do so.


No child shall be permitted to enter or remain in the Clubhouse or on the course, (except for Junior Members of the Club whilst playing golf,) unless the child is accompanied by an adult Member or guardian. The adult Member or guardian shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the child.

Flowers & Shrubs

No person shall cut flowers, shrubs or trees anywhere within the Club’s property unless authorized by the Committee to do so.


No person shall display or exhibit any notice or advertisements anywhere on or within the Club’s property unless authorised by the Committee to do so.

Raffles & Donations

No person shall conduct a raffle or solicit donations anywhere within the Club’s property without the consent of the Secretary.